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BDB corruption on every unclean shutdown


It's probably not a problem with OpenLDAP per se, but perhaps I am
wrong. The symptoms are straightforward: every time the machine running
slapd powercycles due to a crash or power loss, the database becomes
badly corrupted - the daemon doesn't even output any errors having tried
to open it, it just hangs silently (checked in both standard and debug
mode). As a result, I have to delete the database files and restore it
from LDIF backups created by cron just for this purpose - which is a
major annoyance for everyone, since almost all user accounts are stored
in there and nobody is happy when they have to wait for the admin to let
them log in again.

System data: Linux 2.4, openldap-2.1.22, db-4.1.25.

Any ideas what I could do about the problem? If you need any more
information, feel free to ask.