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David Parker wrote:
If anybody out there has some experience with JLDAP, I would be grateful for any warnings/endorsements of that API.

I actually don't have experience with JLDAP yet, although I plan to use it in a re-engineered version of my own highly uncelebrated software


which I'm scheduled by contract to complete and release this summer. The new version will, among other things, enable you to write clients.

The current version of my offering uses the Netscape/Mozilla LDAP SDK libraries, which predate JLDAP and represent basically the same classes. In the Mozilla SDK, entries can be processed as they are received. One issue to consider in such a paradigm is that if you exceed a sizelimit, you won't hear about it until after you've processed all the permitted entries. Another is that if you sort, you undoubtedly have to do it client-side which implies you get all the entries first anyway.

I have intentionally not paid attention to JNDI, so I can't speak to it. As I understand, there a still a few advantages to using LDAP specific APIs.

Jon Roberts