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Re: I need Help With the Back-sql

I've been able to load back-sql as module in HEAD,
which (at least in back-sql) is identical to release
since at least last summer.

There is one issue on my system: -lodbc is not
explicitly added to the module dependencies, so
I patched HEAD to do it explicitly.  In any case,
the module was loaded; the failure occurred later,
and the message was about SQLAllocEnv symbol

You can get the patch from the cvs:

    cvs -z3 diff -u -r 1.10 -r 1.11 servers/slapd/back-sql/Makefile.in

or from


At this point, I infer that your problem is rather
with module loading than with back-sql itself.

Could you desribe your system, architecture, OS,
compiler, ODBC libs, and so?  In detail, could you
describe what version of libtool and libltdl you're


Pierangelo Masarati