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We are building an application based on OpenLDAP that includes a Java client. The client app will be executing a variety of searches against potentially large directory trees, and retrieving large result sets.

We implemented the first version of this client using JNDI for server access, which works OK, but once we started testing with larger sets of data, we discovered that there doesn't seem to be any way to do an asynchronous search via JNDI. We need the searches to be asynchronous for the GUI to be at all responsive.

So we are probably going to switch in JLDAP instead of JNDI, but I thought I would check to see if anybody on this list has any experience handling large sets of data with JLDAP. (If anybody knows a way to get JNDI to do asynchronous operations, that would be nice, too).

If anybody out there has some experience with JLDAP, I would be grateful for any warnings/endorsements of that API.


David Parker   
Rocket Software
(617) 614-2128