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Re: Need help in Replicated Directory Service feature


"Tjx  ATW-Bangalore" <xaviour@atw.co.in> writes:

> I was checking the OpenLdap especially for the Directory Shadowing feature
> (Replicated Directory Service). But I could not find more relevant details what I am
> looking for. Can you please provide me details on:

> 1. Will this replication works between two different OpenLdap installs via intranet
> and internet ?.

Yes, as long as you don't mix major release versions.

> 2. Is OpenLdap supports Replicated Directory Service at the subtree level ?. That
> means, from a subtree root in the MASTER to another subtree root in
> the SLAVE ?.

Yes, either by slurpd or by synchronised replication
> 3. Apart from OpenLdap what else is required to achieve this ?.
> 4. Where are the implementation documents available ?



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