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Re: Question

Tony Earnshaw:
> lør, 13.12.2003 kl. 20.16 skrev Monah Baki:
> > We have in our company Netware 5 & 6, Solaris 5.8 and Win 2000. Is it possible to setup an 
> > openldap server to have users authenticate to it, rather than adding users to all the servers????
> > Any URL will be helpful.
> Certainly native NetWare will only authenticate to NDS/eDirectory. You
> can "fool" Windows with a combination of Samba (use v3) and Openldap.

Don't know about NetWare, but - pGina is a authentication-replacement
for Windows so you can use e.g. OpenLDAP for authentication. 
URL: http://pgina.xpasystems.com/info/

That will help you with Solaris and Windows - sorry I don't know much
about Netware.


Bjørn Ove Grøtan