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AW: bdb-back install problems - Permission denied

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> Betreff: Re: bdb-back install problems - Permission denied
> Mario Minati wrote:
> > bdb_db(dc=minati,dc=de): /var/ldap/test/__db.001: Permission denied
> As which user is slapd running? Who owns /var/ldap/test/__db.001?

It's running as ldap:ldap (u:g) and as said before all db-files are owned by

I found A solution for the problem. I discovered that it works correctly
when the default (from distribution Suse 9.0 = /var/lib/dap ) directory is
chosen as path to store the bdb files.

I think that the problem is buried somewhere in the startup-scripts for
slapd because when started directly (/sbin/openldap/slapd) it seems to work.
But I could find out any place where additionaly parameters where added to
the commandline that is executed in the script to setup the demon.
Maybe the slapd behaves if called with no parameters or with any parameter.

Anyhow for the moment I can live with the described solution.

Mario Minati

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