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Re: Undefined Attribute Type

Well, the first problem I see is that the objectclass iphost is not a
structural one, it is an auxiliary one.  When ever you create an entry you
have to have one structural class.  The organizationalUnit class is a
perfect example.  From there you can add auxiliary classes onto that.

So you could do:
dn: ou=ldaphost, ou=Hosts, dc=qwestip, dc=net
cn: ldaphost
ou: ldaphost
objectclass: iphost
objectclass: organizationalunit

which should work fine.

There are quite a few structural classes available (and you can even
create/use your own if you want) so don't feel like you need to use
organizationalunit.  It's pretty bulky really.


> Hi All
> I am trying to add this ldif
> dn: cn=ldaphost,ou=hosts,dc=qwestip,dc=net
> cn: ldaphost
> ipHostNumber:
> objectclass: ipHost
> And I get
> ldap_add_s: Undefined attribute type
> Any idea what objectclass (or may be something else) am I missing ?
> I am still newbie in openldap
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> Asif Iqbal
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