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Re: Creating groups in OpenLDAP

> I am pretty new to OpenLDAP.  I am currently running a basic v. 2.1.22
> OpenLDAP database as an addressbook for Netscape 4.76 clients.
> Everything is working fine, I would just like to know if there is a way
> to create groups within the ldap database so that they show up as groups
> in the addressbook.
Pretty new to this myself, however this list has been very helpful and I
hope this will help you.
I had to use OpenLdap as a shared address book for Evolution. On google
I found an evolutionPerson.schema and included that file in my
One of the attributes of the schema was a list schema, to handle lists
of users. Not as elegant as I might like but I am still learning how to
use it.
There may be something similar, probably is something similar, for the
I have found that using GQ and browsing the schema tab is a great way to
find things.

Hope this will help.