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Re: Group membership question : New to OpenLDAP

Sachin C wrote:

I have a situation where i want to find out who are
the members of a group and vice versa i.e. a user is
member of which group.

I have used AD 2003. It gives a nice facility that
whenever we set a user as "member" of a group (or set
member attrib of user) then automatically the memberOf
attribute os the user object is set to proper value
(i.e. DN of the group).

Is there any such facility present in OpenLDAP. I am

There are different ways of making groups in Openldap and a few different sorts of groups. You can't compare it with Windows, since with Openldap you are completely free to design your own implementation, of which one might be the only way Windows forces on you ;)

The only thing I can suggest is, that you rig up a Linux test rig and play around with Openldap. Use a recent distro with GTK2 and get and compile GQ 1.0beta2 as client. RH Fedora actually includes a fairly recent version of Openldap *do not* use anything but the latest versions. This is far better than people explaining what is and what is not possible. It does mean that you'll have to design your own system and way of doing things though, which in turn means lost of reading and playing around.


Tony Earnshaw

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