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Re: XML export standard

Since you sent this to me directly, I will respond ;-)

I think some reading on how LDAP works would do you a world of good in the long run. It does not work quite like an OO language - it is really Object-based, which makes it a bit different.

To answer you questions:
1) You don't subclass two objects. Like in Java or C# you can only have one parent. You can however use AUX classes, but you should read on that one to see how they work.
2) You don't have to wait on your OID to start playing, but if you are going to create your own schema, you should do it in your own space
3) Good way to go about this? Sure is! Pick up a good book on LDAP (you don't need a new one, old ones are just as good), and read the section that talks about schema. There will probably be a section on schema design, and structure design and what the tradeoffs are. My favorite is an old book called "Directory Enabled Networks" which you can get at the Bargain Basement these days.
4) Don't want the extra stuff? If you don't use it, it won't really matter. If you take it out and later decided "Gosh, I wish I had left that in", you will kick yourself. But, you can always modify your schema to add new stuff in...

Best of luck!

On Nov 14, 2003, at 2:26 PM, Jason C. Leach wrote:


How do I subclass two objectClasses? I'd like to sublcass inetOrgPerson
and pilotPerson into something like ContactPerson. I'd also like to do
this in my own file calls contactperson.schema.

Must I wait until I get a PEN/OID then use my own OID based on the

Is that a good way to go about this? I'm working on Contact directory,
but there is sooo much I don't want from the standard object classes
like 'secretary', 'IDSDPhoneNumber', 'favoriteDrink', 'catsanddogs'


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