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Re: upgrade to 2.1.22 doesn't answer ldapsearch

--On Friday, November 14, 2003 4:27 PM -0600 John Beamon <jbeamon@franklinamerican.com> wrote:

I've got openldap-2.0.27 from the Red Hat 7.3 updates running in
production.  A slapcat from that was imported by slapadd to a Fedora box
with openldap-2.1.22 on it without a hitch.  (Actually, there were one or
two syntax errors that 2.0.27 tolerated and 2.1.22 prompted me to fix.)
ldapsearch as executed elsewhere does not provide search results on
2.1.22, answering "No such object (32)".  I ran an slapcat from the
2.1.22 database to an LDIF, and it's fully functional and complete in
comparison to the slapcat from 2.0.27; the data *is* in there.  Why would
I not be able to reach it?

I've ported my 'localhost' settings from the other ldap.conf files into
this new box.  The new box can ldapsearch against my old 2.0.27 boxes and
get complete answers.  It will not answer from its own IP or from another
box.  I'm open to suggestions.

It sounds to me like ldapsearch is talking to slapd, but that your ACL's are wrong. Try upping the debug levels to see exactly what is happening. You can do this on both slapd and ldapsearch if you like. If you give ldapsearch a "-d -1" flag, you'll see all its debug output.


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