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Re: upgrade to 2.1.22 doesn't answer ldapsearch

File ownership is the most likely problem here -- slapd running as ldap?
Does uid ldap have read/write access to the files?


Today at 4:27pm, John Beamon wrote:

> I've got openldap-2.0.27 from the Red Hat 7.3 updates running in
> production.  A slapcat from that was imported by slapadd to a Fedora box
> with openldap-2.1.22 on it without a hitch.  (Actually, there were one
> or two syntax errors that 2.0.27 tolerated and 2.1.22 prompted me to
> fix.)  ldapsearch as executed elsewhere does not provide search results
> on 2.1.22, answering "No such object (32)".  I ran an slapcat from the
> 2.1.22 database to an LDIF, and it's fully functional and complete in
> comparison to the slapcat from 2.0.27; the data *is* in there.  Why
> would I not be able to reach it?
> I've ported my 'localhost' settings from the other ldap.conf files into
> this new box.  The new box can ldapsearch against my old 2.0.27 boxes
> and get complete answers.  It will not answer from its own IP or from
> another box.  I'm open to suggestions.

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