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Re: XML export standard


On Friday 14 November 2003 23:50, Lon Tierney wrote:
> To answer you questions:
> 1) You don't subclass two objects. Like in Java or C# you can only have
> one parent. You can however use AUX classes, but you should read on
> that one to see how they work.

You can inherit from two or more objectclasses.
Simply define the new objectclass like that:

objectClass ( YOUR-OID NAME 'yourPerson'
        DESC 'your Person'
        SUP ( pilotPerson $ inetOrgPerson ) )

This defines a structural objectclass called yourPerson that inherits from
both inetOrgPerson and pilotPerson.
Of course YOUR-OID should be a real OID. ;-)

If pilotPerson and inetOrgPerson do nit inherit from each other (by one being 
in the SUP chain of the other) this is the only way of getting these two 
object classes into the same object with OpenLDAP 2.1.x
(This is the "single structural object class chain" property)

But remember you create the objects you want with the correct structural 
object classes. OpenLDPA 2.1.x does not allow you to change the structural 
objectclass of an object afterwards.


Peter Marschall
eMail: peter@adpm.de