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Re: Search filter wackyness

--On Monday, November 10, 2003 2:37 PM +1300 Luke Pascoe <luke@asterisk.co.nz> wrote:

Hello, I have a curly one for y'all:

Our ldap database has objects with the following attributes (amongst

When I search with this filter "(mail=my@email.address.com)" it matches
any record where:
  a) mail = my@email.address.com
  b) maildrop = my@email.address.com
  c) mailacceptinggeneralid = my@email.address.com

Obviously there's some funky wildcard foo going on there, but all the
docs I can find suggest this is NOT normal behaviour.

Anyone struck this before/know how to fix it?

BTW, slapd v2.0.23 (debian stable)

Are maildrop and mailacceptinggeneralid SUP mail?


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