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Jxplorer v3.0 open source java ldap browser released

Hi Folks,

   We've just released version 3.0 of the open source JXplorer ldap
client, which people may find useful for client side directory work.
We've fixed a lot of bugs, registered a web site (http://jxplorer.org)
and added some new features:

# a French translation and a partial German translation
# anonymous DSML support
# Install packages for most major platforms

   We've also tried to fix some (but alas not all) of the problems that
openLDAP users were having (there's still some issues with
multiply-named attributes that we'll sort out soon :-) ).

   Otherwise we've toughened up the basic JX functionality:

# Standard ldap operations: add/delete/copy/modify
# Complex operations: tree copy and tree delete
# Optional GUI based search filter construction
# SSL and SASL authentication
# Graphical security keystore 
# pluggable editors/viewers
# pluggable security providers
# HTML templates/forms for data display
# Full i18n support
# LDIF file format support
# highly user configurable
# drag-n-drop browsing operation
# handles complex ldap cases:

    * multi valued rdns
    * binary attributes
    * Certificates and Passwords
    * Unicode characters
    * Special characters / UTF8 in distinguished names. 

# Extensible architecture with object class based Java plugins

  ... and I've finally got it working nicely on my OSX box ;-).


       Chris Betts