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ldapsearch to leaf, requesting non-leaf attributes

Hi, I don't know if it's a stupid question, but I'm not reaching this point
and don't know what to do anymore.
Thanks for your patience and attention reading this, I will try to give much
details as I can.

I have a user-systemaccess information tree, developed to inside systems'
authentication and access:

+ o=mydomain.com
    + userid=1200
          + system=xpto
    + userid=1234
          + system=xpto
          + system=abcd

System "xpto" holds informations so that it's users can access the system in
diferent ways.
Tha objectclass holds attributes such as accessgroup, accessstatus...
User's objectclass (User with ID 1234, for exemple) holds userlogin-name,

In my interface, I must list users that have access to a specific system, so
I execute something like
    ldapsearch (...) -b "o=mydomain.com" "system=xpto"
and I get information from the leaf (user-system access informations).

My problem is that I must get ALSO users' informations on same search. So
That I can list like this:
    - Registered users:
        | uid 1200 | login fred    | name Fred        |
        | uid 1234 | login nando | name Fernando |

    - Users accessing XPTO system: <<< This is where my problem is!!!
        | login fred     | group Administrators |
        | login nando | group Users |

    - Users accessing ABCD system: <<< This is where my problem is!!!
        | login nando | group Administrators |

I tryed to add scope sub, one, base, but (obviously, I think), I didn't get
information from the "parent", joining the leafs informations.

Is there a way to ldapsearch and get (if I can call it this way) recursive