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Re: autofs.schema with smbfs

It's the problem... if the directory will not be mount after user 
login, the user haven't a home directory in the machine where he is
logged. My boss wants this solution, and the file system must be smbfs,
because we use machines Window$ too, and he doesn't want two network
file system in the server...

You can understand me??

thanks for your answer.

On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 12:34, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Andre Luis Fogagnoli wrote:
> | But in smbfs I need to pass the username and password of
> | current user in information, but I don't now how I do this,
> | anyone have any idea??
> |
> | automountInformation: -username=???,password=??? ://test/(username)
> smbmount can pull these from the environment
> variables $USER and $PASSWD (this is really
> more of a Samba question I think).  But that
> is done under the context of the automounter,
> not the user.
> I think a better solution is not to store
> this mount information in LDAP at all, but just
> let the user mount their own smb share.
> Wrap the details in a script if you need
> to make the interface more user friendly.
> cheers, jerry
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