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Schema problem


I am trying to use a local schema I got from a
customer, and add data to the LDAP directory that is
related to this schema. 
I've added the .schema file to my slapd.conf, deleted
the old database and readded all the old data. 
But, when I tried to add the customer data, I get a
problem with ldapadd saying "Attribute type
Looking at the directory through gq, I can see that
the new objectclasses and AttributeTypes has not been
included! I reacon this might be through something
being wrong with my schema file, I converted it from
an ldif file by hand, and due to some pesky newlines
in the ldif file, it turned out to be quite a job....

Does slapd/slapadd silently skip .chema-files that are
corrupted? If so, is there any way of testing a chema
for errors?


Kyrre Kristiansen

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