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RE: openLdap ucdata error

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> Hello!
> I downloaded openldap 2.1.22 (with Berkeley db-4.0.14 and
> cyrus-sasl-1.5.28 and regex) , have relinked the backend (to
> mySQL with
> specific interface).
> Also updated schema files (core.schema) and slapd.conf.
> The project compiles and everything seems to work until I try
> and start
> slapd...then it complains about ucdata files?(error -127)
> (I could note that I am using 2.0.25 right now and that works
> perfectly)
> I checked the archive and some other people seem to been
> having the same
> problem...but they didnt get any reply.
> Am I missing some ucdata files here or what am I doing wrong?
> Are there any updated build/install notes for 2.1.22 (I only
> know of the
> ones for 2.0.25 at
> http://www.fivesight.com/downloads/openldap.asp#HOWTO) ?

> Greatful for any help or hints.

Please remember to mention the operating system you're using when you post a
question. Since you mention the word "project" and the fivesight web site
I'll guess you're using WindowsNT and the MSVC build environment. MSVC is not
actively supported; a lot of the project files are out of date, but it does
work in general.

There is a "ucgendat" program that is compiled as part of the build. This
program must be run with the UnicodeData.txt file as input, to generate the
ucdata tables. The MSVC projects don't do this for you automatically. To
invoke it, run it from a command shell:

	cd libraries\liblunicode
	\path\to\ucgendat UnicodeData.txt -x CompositionExclusions.txt

copy the resulting *.dat files to a directory that slapd can find them. Make
sure you have the directory set in slapd.conf:

	ucdata-path \path\to\data\files

Also note that your Cyrus SASL and Berkeley DB versions are extremely old.
Cyrus SASL 1.5 is too broken to be usable. BDB 4.0 has a couple of resource
leaks as well. You'd do well to upgrade to current revisions of each and
rebuild the OpenLDAP code. It may also be a good idea to get 2.1.23 which was
just released. I suppose since you're using MySQL it's not so critical on the
database side, but there are other bugfixes in there worth having.

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