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Re: rewrite a login into a dn in simple bind

Then ask them to create an application account.  We do this all the ime.


On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Francois Beretti wrote:

> Hello Markus
> Markus Schaber wrote:
> >>So I would like to map the login provided by the client to the dn of
> >>the entry which has this value in its "uid" attribute
> > 
> > AFAIR, the common method to do this is to do an anonymous bind, and use
> > this to search for (uid=whateveryouneed) to get the dn. Then, use this
> > dn to bind with the password.
> Ok, but if the access control rules of the server don't allow any 
> anonymous bind, or don't give search access on uid attribute, or read 
> access on users' entries, I can't use this method, because I think some 
> LDAP administrators won't let me set such access rules on their openldap 
> server for my application to work on their network.
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>  > Thanks,
>  > Markus
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> thank you,
> François