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Re: dependencies

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, James Courtney wrote:

> I'm compiling openldap on Redhat 9 which already has an older version of openldap (2.0.27 I think) and dependencies like SASL, Kerberos, Berkeley DB, and OpenSSL.  These are not all installed in /usr/local however so when I compile and 'make install' OpenSSL, Berkeley DB, MIT Kerberos, and SASL these are placed in /usr/local so now there are both versions on the machine.  How do I ensure that my OpenLDAP is being configured to run with the correct (new, built by me) versions of these dependencies?  How do I check to see which it's using?

You might consider building OpenLDAP 2.1.22 binary RPMs from the source
RPM available in RawHide. The source RPM includes the correct version of
Berkeley DB and (I believe) links against it statically. Search the list
archives for a July or Aug posting by Frank Swasey that included a patch
to the source RPM spec file. Once the new OpenLDAP binary RPMs are built,
you can just rpm -Uvh and apply them over the old ones, giving you one
version to deal with. We did this here and are happily running OpenLDAP
2.1.22 on RedHat 9 with no problems.

> Many thanks!
> Jamey
> James Courtney
> InPhonic, Inc.

Kirk Turner-Rustin
Ohio Wesleyan University