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Re: Schema generator

> Would it be helpfull for a site to be developed that officialy publishes
> unoffical schema extensions? 

I think so,

> IE, register a OpenLDAP 'community' OID
> root, and try use it in a semi-controled manner for extensions? 

I don't think this is neccesary, or even a really good idea.  If an
organization wants to create schema, then make them go through the
trouble of getting an OID.

Each organization having a unique OID could also make organizing such a
publish-your-schema site much easier.

> If paticular extensions prove usefull/common, then they could be moved to
> either the main OpenLDAP OID space, or a RFC could be written up and
> submitted for approvial. 

I don't see any need to create a situation where definitions OID will
change when it become "popular".  Real application projects like Horde,
Samba, etc... just go get their own OIDs anyway.  OIDs are free.