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Where to get Apache Help?


I've been recieving this list for about two months now, and have been
moving forward with the adoption of OpenLDAP into my existing network
infrastructure.  Many of the archive posts have helped me quite a bit.

One of my plans is to use LDAP against a Linux w/ Apache 2.x server. 
Apache support for LDAP is marked as "experimental", but it's open source,
that usually means that it works, but it's not been around for 20
versions.  However - for me - the LDAP module for Apache won't even

So, I figured I'd ask you folks if anybody has done this, and if so - how?
 If anybody has any alternative ideas also - let me know.  I'm willing to
put time (programming) into a solution - what I want to avoid is
installing a CGI filter to copy all pages where a request has been
validated (A.K.A. Portal).

Thank you,
Gary Allen Vollink
Director, Information Technology
CorVu North America, Inc.

P.S. Concerning many unanswered/partially answered posts about ACLs - what
is the best place to read an in-depth description of what they do and how
they work?  I see a potential for cool configuration options here, I just
don't know where to start.