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Re: Schema generator

Jeff Warnica wrote:

I would tend to agree.. That leads to the question os what to do about it. The closest thing to a public repository of schemas is http://ldap.akbkhome.com/, reading through RFCs, and whats included in the source.

Would it be helpfull for a site to be developed that officialy publishes
unoffical schema extensions?

http://www.alvestrand.no/objectid/top.html which is not read-only.


Back to original question:
Most problems users are facing when creating schema is not the configuration syntax. It's rather a lack of understanding of basics like LDAP syntaxes, matching, inheritance, etc.. I already thought about implementing such a thing myself but I can't imagine how a GUI could really support a dumb user creating a good schema. Before implementing it one should have a look at the schema tools commercial vendors are shipping. I don't use these tools though...

Ciao, Michael.