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Re: Schema generator

<quote who="Michael Ströder">

> Back to original question:
> Most problems users are facing when creating schema is not the
> configuration
> syntax. It's rather a lack of understanding of basics like LDAP syntaxes,
> matching, inheritance, etc.. I already thought about implementing such a
> thing myself but I can't imagine how a GUI could really support a dumb
> user
> creating a good schema. Before implementing it one should have a look at
> the
> schema tools commercial vendors are shipping. I don't use these tools
> though...

True, but by answering questions as they progress through the creation
process of a wizard, they could be made aware of the options that exist. I
designed a custom schema  about a year ago. Had I understood inheritance
(like a wizard could help me do), I would have saved a lot of effort that
I wasted defining elements.

I am envisioning a wizard that would have verbose explanations at each
step of the creation process. From setting the OID (like why choosing an
arbitrary OID is bad) to selecting inherited objectClasses and all that
would entail. Obviously I should have taken the time to learn more before
starting. At least this way users will be forced to learn as they embark
on the task. At best, it may help them to realize that they do not know
enough to proceed without picking up a manual first.