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Re: Using postgresql with slapd?

> The odbc driver is loaded, but it fails to get the definitions from the
> file. Has anyone set this up. I'll attach my files. I am pleading you to
> help me.. HELP!

I've got it working with old Postgresql 7.1.1 two weaks ago, and as I am a
very bad System Administrator, it should not be to difficult for You too.

First of all You should have checked if connecting to the database via odbc
"by hand" is possible. In Your environment this should work simply by typing:

  odbctest 'DSN=PgSQL'

Since all the db-paramters are inside the "odbc.ini".
If this works, You end up with an interactive SQLMonitor. If not, something is wrong 
with Your iODBC-Setup, and must be fixed first. For the rest  of Your setup, it
looks very much like mine, so please confirm that the odbctest works, before digging
deeper into it.


 On my experiments with the old, outdated postgresql 7.1.1, I found that queries 
 didn't work with the parameter of the postgresql section of the docs:
 concat_pattern	"?||?"

 However it worked well, when I deleted the quotes, like that:
 concat_pattern	?||?

 or if i totally deleted the "concat_pattern" line.
 If You can confirm this to work on some newer Version of pgsql, we should 
 file an ITS on that subject.

 Yours, Jochen.


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