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Re: Using postgresql with slapd?

On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 19:47, Jochen Laser wrote:

> I've got it working with old Postgresql 7.1.1 two weaks ago, and as I am a
> very bad System Administrator, it should not be to difficult for You too.

Hi, and thanks for replying. I'm running postgres-7.3.4-3 from debian
unstable and can hardly claim the title of System Administrator :).

> First of all You should have checked if connecting to the database via odbc
> "by hand" is possible. In Your environment this should work simply by typing:
>   odbctest 'DSN=PgSQL'

I have actually tried this, and it works. So there should be no problem
with the odbc driver, right?

I just can't see what causes this. Could you help me dig some more?

>  Yours, Jochen.

Øyvind Hvamstad <oyvind@hvamstad.net>