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Use "groupOfNames" to create distribution list with no success


I just build a simple OpenLdap server 2.0.27 on RH9,
everything works fine,but I don't know how to create a valid
distribution list to send mails to friends at one time.

After searching internet and old archieves,I think groupOfNames is the
right one for storing couples of email address.Though the object can be
created successfully, my email client (Mozilla mail 1.2 and Evolution
1.44) still can't use them as distribution list,they consider
groupOfNames object as an invaild recipient.

Below is the LDIF file I used for creating mylist object.

dn: cn=mylist,ou=xxx,dc=foo,dc=org
objectclass: top
objectclass: groupOfNames
cn: mylist
member: mail=abc@foo.org
member: mail=def@foo.org

Can anybody share his/her experience? Any response will be much