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Re: New york city high school needs help with macs that won't play with linux server

I've seen a few problems with OSX that might explain things.

If you want to get your OSX multiple-users logins to work with the LDAP database, I think you need to load Apple's schemas into LDAP. These schema files are in /private/etc/openldap/schema and include apple.schema and netinfo.schema, and may have other required schemas - I don't remember. What it comes down to is that your SuSE box needs to look like an Apple OSX server, as far as LDAP goes.

OSX 10.2 has IPv6 turned on by default. You could consider disabling it. I've seen problems with using the loopback address on a machine, and I think it was because of IPv6 support

10.2.5 server and 10.2.6 server have a bug where netinfo loses connectivity. If you have an OSX server which uses netinfo and netinfo in turn uses LDAP authentication against an LDAP server on another machine, netinfo will bite the dust several times a day. Curiously, the more activity on the OSX server, the mre reliable the connection. I added a 5-minute cron job to keep the OSX server's netinfo processes busy:

0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * root /usr/sbin/lookupd -q user -a name <username>

where <username> is a valid user in the LDAP database. But this doesn't matter if you're not using an OSX Sever between the OSX clients and the Linux server.

Hope this helps...


I need help
I have a SuSE 8.2 Linux server with openldap 2.1.12, Heimdal kerberos 0.4e, Cyrus SASL2, and openldap.
I created an LDAP 3 server it works flawlessly.
I connected my Linux lab to it and all of my Linux boxes are connecting fine with tls encryption and kerberos 5 via gssapi.
here is the problem I have 180 Mac OS X 10.2.x Ibooks and they just wont connect or give me useable error logs. I will have to get them connected in the next two weeks before we start handing them out to students to use them in their classes.
I can get kerberos tickets on the ibooks from the heimdal server using kinit. I just cant get them to connect to my ldap server
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