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Re: [ldap] modify question


Susan Aurand <saurand@haywood.k12.nc.us> writes:

> In my ldap database I have employeeNumber: 12345
> I want to modify the first employee number and  add an additional employee example:
> employeeNumber: 12345678
> employeeNumber: 103
> This is my code:
> print O "dn: uid=".$uid.",ou=People,dc=xx,dc=xx\n";
> print O "changetype: modify\n";
> print O "replace: employeeNumber\n";
> print O "employeeNumber: 12345678\n";
> print O "employeeNumber: 103\n";
> print O "\n";
> I receive an error message: ldap_modify: contraint violation
>   additionalinfo: employeeNumber: multiple value provided

check your schema definition wether employeeNumber is multivalued.

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