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Re: A little bit off topic question about jpegPhoto

Thank you for your advices, i managed to import a jpegPhoto from my DS to a web page...
Now working on exporting from the web page to the directory... See you soon ;-)


Michael Ströder wrote:

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

base64, all the 8-bit stuff in the Openldap DIT is base64


It's base64-encoded in LDIF but not when sending it directly via LDAP to the server or retrieving it via LDAP.

attributes have a ';binary' addition before the '::' denoting base64 (for example .der coded certificates).


';binary' is transfer-encoding for LDAP which is a different thing and definitely not needed for jpegPhoto. '::' is LDIF notation. Both are completely independent.

Please avoid confusion!

Ciao, Michael.