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Re: A little bit off topic question about jpegPhoto

Bruno Biedermann wrote:

I'm storing a photo for each user in the attribute jpegPhoto (oc : inetOrgPerson) and it displays well in LDAP Browser and GQ.
My problem is that i want users to be able to see and change their photo through a web interface designed in PHP.
I would like to know how this attribute is stored in the directory. Is the file stored in BASE64 or in hex? The desc field only told me "JPEG Photo"...

Thanks for your answers, bruno.

base64, all the 8-bit stuff in the Openldap DIT is base64 - though some attributes have a ';binary' addition before the '::' denoting base64 (for example .der coded certificates).

BTW, you're in for a lovely time if you're just starting the PHP4 coding. I had to jump through many hoops when I started on that jpeg stuff.

Good luck!


Tony Earnshaw

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