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Re: defining an LDAP schema for address books and PIMs

Jochen Laser wrote:
I totally agree with Dieter in that there is need for better standardization here. You have hit on an important issue.
You should consider taking over this discussion to the general LDAP List, ldap@umich.edu.


But I'd recommend to post schema proposals as personal I-D on the ietf-ldapext list. Although this WG has be closed this mailing is still the most appropriate forum. I'd be willing to co-author such a draft.

I consider all the mozillaPerson, evolutionPerson, <whatever app>Person schema to be just quick hacks. People who defined these schema definitions don't bother with researching existing person schema definitions which leads to conflicting use of e.g. attribute type names. Unfortunately most of the "schema designers" are somewhat resistent to learn about LDAP *before* defining such a schema. And afterwards they refuse to fix flaws in favour of being backward-compatible to their own mess. (Edward seems to be a notable exception.)

Ciao, Michael.