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question on updatedn

Hi, I am trying to setup replication. Here is my config:
Master slapd.conf:
replica host=
  bindmethod=simple credentials=root
Slave slapd.conf:
database        ldbm
suffix          ""
rootdn          cn=root
rootpw          root
updatedn        cn=root2
updateref       ldap://
Now, I have a client app written myself using libldap, I use ldap_set_rebind_proc function such that when I sent a ADD/Modify request to my slave LDAP ( both master and slave are runing on same host but on port 390 and 1390 respectively ), it will trigger a ldap referal to ldap:// The request finally reaches at my master LDAP server and processed accordingly. However, slurpd failed to replicate the data back to the Slave, it failed:
Error: ldap_simple_bind_s for failed: Invalid credentials
I believe this is something to do with the password? How can I setup the password for the updatedn in the Slave slapd.conf file?
Best regards,
- Joe