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Re: still unclear on error 69

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

Try *adding* the following 'ldapadd' ldif entry:

dn: cn=Mamma2,ou=people,o=family.org
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
sn: Jones
cn: Mamma2

P.s.: you can even add 'objectClass: inetOrgPerson' too, and it won't barf.

Don't say it doesn't work, I just did it for you.

Yep ;)

However, trying to add things like posixAccount as well, would barf. Even though it's possible (I have it,) there are mandatory attributes that you have to add for posixAccount and you have to know what these are. That's why I suggested GQ - it lets you know (lists them for you.)



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