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no shell then close connection


I have an error message that said no shell then colsed the connection. I
have the home directory and shell in server but client site has
different home dir and shell. Does anyone see this before?

login: codywang
Last login: Thu Aug  7 13:47:43 EDT 2003 from condor.callutheran.edu
No directory!
Logging in with home = "/".
Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1 (Rev. 732); Wed Jul 30 16:42:13 EDT 2003

The installation software has successfully installed your system.

There are logfiles that contain a record of your installation.  These

        /var/adm/smlogs/install.cdf     - configuration description file
        /var/adm/smlogs/install.log     - general log file
        /var/adm/smlogs/install.FS.log  - file system creation logs
        /var/adm/smlogs/setld.log       - log for the setld(8) utility
        /var/adm/smlogs/fverify.log     - verification log file

login: no shell: No such file or directory.
Connection closed by foreign host.	

Cody Wang
Programmer / Analyst
California Lutheran University
Deploying:OpenLdap/uPortal now