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Re: LDAP v2.1 schema

Bobby R. Cox wrote:

Is there an up to date schema for qmail that works with v2.1?  I am
currently using a schema I found and I get the following errors....
I am setting up LDAP to work with Postfix and qmail.schema is the
recommended schema.

Where on earth do you get that from? You must be using some funky distro or someone's rpms.

Should I pose this question at the Postfix list.

Heh ... Like a red rag to a bull, I'd guess.

O.k., I'm running Postfix 2.0.x with Openldap 2.1.x et al and courier-imap- All original tar-ball self-compiled on RH 7.2/9.0 and installed as rpms with checkinstall. I deliberately obfusctaed the "x" above so as not to scare you. It works for all of the above versions.

Courier does what Qmail does, with regard to Mailidir/ stuff (you can configure Postfix 2.0.x for Maildir/ format - one single line in main.cf. With the source code you get an Openldap-compatible schema that doesn't conflict with any of the 2.1.x Openldap schemas.




Tony Earnshaw

Mail: tonni@billy.demon.nl