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Re: LDAP v2.1 schema

> Where on earth do you get that from? You must be using some funky distro 
> or someone's rpms.

ldap, postfix and courier-imap howto - http://www.vriesman.tk/

1.5.11 mailMessageStore
This attribute must be present, it contains the full path to the maildir
where all mail of the user is stored, make sure in ends with a ''/'',
otherwise the smtp server doesn't deliver in maildir format, e.g.
''mailMessageStore: /vmail/harry.potter/Maildir/''.

The mailMessageStore attribute is part of qmail.schema. So if I want to
use this attribute don't I have to include the schema?   

I am using openldap 2.1.22, Postfix 2.0.9 and Courier-IMAP 1.7.0.
Are you saying that as long as I have postfix's main.cf configured for maildir ( which it is ) 
that I don't need to include this attribute which would then negate the necessity of qmail.schema.

On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 12:27, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Bobby R. Cox wrote:
> > Is there an up to date schema for qmail that works with v2.1?  I am
> > currently using a schema I found and I get the following errors....
> [...]
> > I am setting up LDAP to work with Postfix and qmail.schema is the
> > recommended schema.
> Where on earth do you get that from? You must be using some funky distro 
> or someone's rpms.
> > Should I pose this question at the Postfix list. 
> Heh ... Like a red rag to a bull, I'd guess.
> O.k., I'm running Postfix 2.0.x with Openldap 2.1.x et al and 
> courier-imap- All original tar-ball self-compiled on RH 
> 7.2/9.0 and installed as rpms with checkinstall. I deliberately 
> obfusctaed the "x" above so as not to scare you. It works for all of the 
> above versions.
> Courier does what Qmail does, with regard to Mailidir/ stuff (you can 
> configure Postfix 2.0.x for Maildir/ format - one single line in 
> main.cf. With the source code you get an Openldap-compatible schema that 
> doesn't conflict with any of the 2.1.x Openldap schemas.
> http://www.courier-mta.org
> Best,
> Tony
Bobby R. Cox 
Linux Systems Administrator 
Project Mutual Telephone 

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