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Re: problems with OpenLDAP (Debian and FreeBSD)

Hallo Dustin,

* Dustin Doris <openldap@mail.doris.cc> [03-08-03 13:02]:
> I have the same line in building from the ports.

So, i have now checked a lot of other things(try other version etc.) 
but i will always get the same behaviour.
The slappasswd is now working with crypt and md5.

Now i have attached the databasedump(with md5 PW)
and two logs, one with crypt-pw and one with md5-pw.

Ok, the mail has been bounced, so i give here some links to this files:
Maybe you see the problem.
I you have time and have a look to this files, it should be really
If you maybe need more information please tell me.
Thank you very much.