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Re: problems with OpenLDAP (Debian and FreeBSD)

Hallo Dustin,

* Dustin Doris <openldap@mail.doris.cc> [02-08-03 10:31]:
> Matthias, I have freebsd 5.1 working, but have a slightly different setup.
> I will show the differences below.

Ok, i have found maybe the problem.

> you can get the crypt from doing
> $ slappasswd -h {crypt} -s test

I have tried this, but i get the following errormessage:

Password generation failed.

Than i have checked my openldap22, and if found the following
configureline at building openldap22:

checking for crypt.h... no

Have you this line too?

Maybe is this the problem, please can you check, if you make a make
configure in the port, if you get also the line crypt.h... no.


PS: It is not nessesary to write the email with cc to my, i'am on the
list too.