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Performance issue.


I have a performance issue. I have an LDAP with 300.000 accounts in it.
Users are added as:

dn: uid=tux,nameSpace=mailmigration.uninet-international.be,o=sp
objectClass: perditionPopmap
uid: tux
username: tux
port: 110

This is my indexing:
index   default pres,eq
index   o,ou,cn,objectClass,nameSpace,uid,homeDirectory,mailhost,username,port
index   uidNumber,gidNumberA

The max number of file descriptors is increased on the machine. Now when I
let all my apps read out of the ldap (proxys) all goed well for about
30min. Then my ldap reacts very slow, ldapsearch gives no output anymore

Someone has an idea ?

Thanks in advance!
Wesley Hof.

System Administrator.
Uninet International NV/Planet Internet.
Tel: +32 (0)3/275.15.41

uniX, the source is out there!