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RE: Openldap for HP-UX



I downloaded openldap-2.1.3 from http://gatekeep.cs.utah.edu/hppd/hpux/Networking/Misc/openldap-2.1.3/openldap-2.1.3-sd-11.20.depot.gz


I installed it with success.  I configured slapd.conf file.   But when I try to load a ldif file that I brought from my RedHat 8.0 Linux server, the objects and attributes began loading until the uid entry made fail as the following sequence message shows:


adding new entry "cn=SistemasDesarrollo,ou=Servicios,ou=Usuarios,dc=Guayaquil, dc=maint,dc=com,dc=ec"


adding new entry "uid=fsilva,ou=Servicios,ou=Usuarios,dc=Guayaquil, dc=maint,dc=com,dc=ec"

ldapadd: update failed: uid=fsilva,ou=Servicios,ou=Usuarios,dc=Guayaquil, dc=maint,dc=com,dc=ec

ldap_add: Object class violation (65)

            additional info: invalid structural object class chain (inetOrgPerson/account)


The same ldif file is already working on my RedHat 8.0 Linux server. 


Does anybody know what is wrong?

What can I do to load correctly this ldif file?




Francis Silva

Maint Cia. Ltda.

593 4 2311144

Guayaquil - Ecuador







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From: Matthew Hardin [mailto:mhardin@symas.com]
Friday, June 27, 2003 12:40 PM
To: Francis Silva; openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
Subject: RE: Openldap for HP-UX


Binary packages for use with swinstall are available at:



The packages are free for non-commercial use and evaluation. Commercial use requires a license, which includes support.


You are, of course, always free to download the sources from http://www.openldap.org and build it yourself.


Hope this helps,


Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation
Packaged, certified, and supported LDAP software: http://www.symas.net/products

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Friday, June 27, 2003 7:22 AM
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Subject: Openldap for HP-UX


I need to implement Openldap solutions on HP-9000 with HP-UX OS. From where can I download Openldap software for this OS? Thanks,


Francis Silva T.

Maint Cia. Ltda.

593 4 2311144

Guayaquil - Ecuador