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Quoting Simon Wilkinson <simon@sxw.org.uk>:

>      ldap:///dc=inf,dc=ed,dc=ac,dc=uk??sub?krbName=$1@$2

If I'm not mistaken, maybe i can use this in OpenLDAP 2.0. It
looks a little like a ldap filter... So maybe I could use the
'filter=<ldapfilter>' directive to retreive what I need...

> We've patched Cyrus SASL 1.x locally to add support for a mutex around
> GSSAPI operations. Providing that _every_ GSSAPI operation is mutex
> protected, slapd seems to run fine with MIT Kerberos. I'm happy to
> make the patch available to anyone who's interested.

This is EXACTLY the reason why I haven't replaced my MIT Kerberos
system! "Given enough time/eyes, all bugs are shallow/hollow". Can't
remember the exact phrasing, but I think Linus is on to something
there :)

The bug WILL be fixed, one way or the other if you can just hang
tight long enough...


Not that I _NEED_ it now, but if Howard is true, I'll probably
end up getting into trouble 'any day soon' :)