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I'm trying to convert my OpenLDAP 2.0 server to use ACI
so that I can get 'dynamic' updates of access control.

Writing the basic file ACL, I got into a snag when it comes
to SASL authentication.

This is what the ACL file looks like:

----- s n i p -----
# No read access as default. Some things is readable only from
# localhost and my own domain!
defaultaccess none

# We need to do SASL auth, so the Root DSE must be readable to anyone
access to dn=""
	by domain=.*\.domain\.tld read
	by domain=localhost read

# Some things should/must be readable to anyone
access to attr=uid,cn,accountStatus,uidNumber,gidNumber,gecos,homeDirectory,loginShell,entry
	by aci write
	by domain=.*\.domain\.tld read
	by domain=localhost read

# Some things should only be visable if authenticated
access to attr=sn,givenName,krb5PrincipalName
	by aci write
	by users read

# Some things should be writable (implies read access) to the user
access to attr=cn,sn,givenName,homePostalAddress,mobile,homePhone,labeledURI,mailForwardingAddress,street,physicalDeliveryOfficeName,mailMessageStore,o,l,st,telephoneNumber,postalCode,title
	by self write
	by aci write

# We must be able to authenticate, so userPassword must be redable to anyone
access to attr=userPassword
	by anonymous auth
	by aci write

access to *
	by aci write
	by dn="uid=turbo.+\+realm=DOMAIN.TLD" write
	by * none
----- s n i p -----

Much of this can probably be removed when I get ACI's to work...

Now, with this I can retreive all that I want anonymously,
I get the desired attributes when doing a simple bind.

Authenticating (via SASL) as my self, I get the whole

Removing the 'SASL ACL' from "access to *" (which is the main
intention), I _DON'T_ get the desired attributes (which is/was

Now, what I'm trying to do is write a very portable ACL file
which I can use (without /much/ change) on all my OpenLDAP
servers (and future installations). Hence, I don't want to
hardcode any access by 'turbo@DOMAIN.TLD' etc!

In my production server I use ACL's like this, which work
as expected. The ACL is 'cleaned' to remove crud:

----- s n i p -----
access to dn="uid=(.*),ou=.*" attr=mailHost
        by dn="uid=$1.\+realm=DOMAIN.TLD" read
        by self read
----- s n i p -----

The problem with THIS is that in my development system(s) (which
will eventually migrate to my production servers), I use multiple
backends, with different layouts. For example, one such backend/db
is using 'cn' as user reference:

        cn=Turbo Fredriksson,ou=People,o=Turbo Fredriksson

This object does not contain the 'uid' attribute, so I can't
use the above ACL (not portable anyway), nor can I replace 'uid'
with 'cn' (since my principal is 'turbo', not 'Turbo Fredriksson').

Since I'm using (MIT) Kerberos V, I have the krb5PrincipalName
which I'd like to use for the ACL (and later in the ACI's).
This attribute is the 'only' thing that say how/where to get
the password.

The question now is how to retreive this value, and/or convert
my SASL 'id' (turbo@DOMAIN.TLD) to a DN. Remember, this is a
2.0 server so I can't use the 'sasl-regexp' things.
If noone can think of a solution, then I guess I HAVE to start
migrating to 2.1 (maybe this is the better solution anyway since
2.1 is getting 'stable' :).