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Re: solaris 9 ldap client with tls?

--On Thursday, June 26, 2003 11:39 AM -0400 "Brian K. Jones" <jonesy@CS.Princeton.EDU> wrote:
3. All of the TLS docs I've seen relating to Solaris clients insist that
you have a cert7.db file and a key3.db file. I'm thoroughly confused by
this and am wondering if anyone has any insight as to how to
create/manage/administer these files - if they have to be created on
each individual client, where they go, do they expire... and why Sun
says that Netscape should have anything at all to do with my LDAP

That would likely be because SunOne directory server is simply a later version of Netscape directory server. From your comments, I'd say a lot of the information you are reading from is based on the assumption you are using a SunOne directory server for your ldap lookups.


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