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solaris 9 ldap client with tls?

Is there ANY authoritative documentation out that concretely describes
the process of getting solaris 9 to:

a) be an openldap client for user/passwd/group information and

b) use tls and 

c) make changes to the /var/ldap/ldap_client_file using ldapclient, and 

d) have those changes actually take affect?

My entire department is ready to move to LDAP, the Linux boxes all work
flawlessly, and the Sun boxes seem inadequately documented for getting
them set up as OpenLDAP clients using TLS. 

I've seen the 'bolthole' document, which is really for Solaris 8, and
I've seen plenty of other frustrated posts with no real answers that
help me. The impression I'm getting now is that:

a) you can't do an anonymous bind from Solaris 9 to OpenLDAP and use
TLS, which means:

b) you MUST create a proxy user especially for Solaris 9 clients, and

c) you would then use ldapclient in 'manual' mode and pass the password
to the program in clear text on the command line. 

I'm completely confused by this. This is not a complex process. I must
be missing something. Please help.