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Slapd.conf - how to configure ldap


I'm a newbie in using OpenLDAP. I 'd like to configure it here.
I just like to set up a basic configuration in order to have a server running. After having done this, I'd like to use the PADL MigrationTools in order to create the database.

What is the difference between this two lines :
suffix "dc=sante, dc=ux, dc=fr"
suffix "o=sante, c=fr"

Can I have this two lines in the same slapd.conf file ?
Must I have the same dc and o ? I do not understand anything

I'd like to use a basic LDBM database.

Can anyone help me to get a correct (basic) slapd.conf using the following
domain = sante.univ.fr
organisation = fac

manager (rootdn) = Manager
rootpw (define using slappasswd)

rootpw secret
does this means that manager is stored in the database with its password ?

Any help greatly welcomed

Stéphane Cesbron

Email : stephane.cesbron@nantes.inserm.fr
Tél :
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