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Re: Please help! >database ldbm initialization failed<


We need to see your configuration file, slapd.conf, to make any useful suggestions. However it looks as if you haven't configured slapd to use a sql backend.


--On Thursday, June 19, 2003 4:38 PM +0200 Markus Jung MAJU <Markus.Jung@de.tds-global.com> wrote:

Hi all!

I've just installed openldap with the following configure options:

./configure --enable-sql --without-cyrus-sasl --disable-bdb --enable-crypt

Now I try to start the slapd-service an it wouldn't run. The only messages
I get are the following

Jun 19 16:24:15 susi8 slapd[23721]: database ldbm initialization failed.
Jun 19 16:24:15 susi8 slapd[23721]: slapd stopped.
Jun 19 16:24:15 susi8 slapd[23721]: connections_destroy: nothing to

Can anyone help me please?!?!

Thank you very much!


Joe Grastara Systems Administrator NYU School of Medicine