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Re: sendmail access map with ldap


Am Don, 2003-06-19 um 01.58 schrieb Ken Anderson:
> I have sendmail access map working with ldap.
> However, access lookups result in too many ldap queries.
> So, I'm trying to get my sendmail config tweaked so that I don't have 
> 20+ queries for each incoming email!
> These make sense; check the hostname and ip:
> (sendmailMTAKey=connect:mail.mydomain.com)
> (sendmailMTAKey=mail.mydomain.com)
> (sendmailMTAKey=connect:mydomain.com)
> (sendmailMTAKey=mydomain.com)
> (sendmailMTAKey=connect:com)
> (sendmailMTAKey=com)
> (sendmailMTAKey=connect:
> (sendmailMTAKey=
> (sendmailMTAKey=connect:192.168.1)
> (sendmailMTAKey=192.168.1)
> (sendmailMTAKey=connect:192.168)
> (sendmailMTAKey=192.168)
> (sendmailMTAKey=connect:192)
> (sendmailMTAKey=192)
> These I'd like to turn off, since I don't use access maps for setting 
> server features for certain clients, or for matching the 'from' address.
> This is probably more of a sendmail question, but does anyone have any 
> experience with this, as I'm likely to see the same issues with 
> virtualusertable and aliases...

That's the way sendmail processes rewriting rules, you can't stop it.
All you can do is, setup proper indexing, configure the correct
searchbase and reduce scope. This would decrease your directories load.

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